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You know what "sloth" means?!! www.slothtour.de is made for realy lazy dudes ... and this is how your worldtrip will be, you travel arround the world by sitting comfy in front of your screen, next to a drink and goodies ... be a sloth, just relax and have fun!
Our trip with a by us customised Toyota Landcruiser (→ more at "Sloth Mobile") started in April 2004 from Munich. It took more than 26 months. At first we headed south-east. If you exactly like to do it our way, please start at "Eastern Europe & Middle East" and onward to "Africa", "South America" and so on.
At the respective continent page you´ll find the already traveled countries in time-order. That's the reason why there is e.g. more than one Argentina in South America. The best way would be to click the first country (watch the directional arrows or the animated dot sequence). The house-symbol brings you allways back to start page - you know?!!
Within the country page you could move from country to the next in sequence. You can jump directly to the gallery (snapper-symbol) if you're too lazy to read the storries (or you´re simply can´t read the stories because it is written german language - sorry for that. We're sloths, too much work). If you like to start the automatic slideshow or just to enlarge the photo, click on the thumbnail. For manually use "stop" then navigate by → "next" or ← "prev" or simply click on the already opened picture. Also there are links at each country page back to respective continent.
At start page there are some links which are easy to understand for non-german-speakers. Just move the mouse and follow animated links. Switches are there to be switched. You'll find out. Just eg. "Gut zu Wissen" (good to know) or "Schadens(freude)Liste" (Break down list) is hard to understand. Is just for anybody who is interested in some additional information (sorry, also just in german language). The collection includes tips on customs, passport requirements, shipping procedures etc. (Info from 2004-2006)

Jesus Christ, what drivel, everything is totally clear ... let´s start! → Eastern Europe & Middle East

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→ Shortcut to the end of the trip

→ If you want to know what all this travelling was about check out conclusions (german language only)

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